Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): A Conservative to enter the race??

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Conservative to enter the race??

This just in yesterday, from some dude I don't really know on Facebook.

Patricia Lightner may toss her hat into the ring for Johnson County Board of Commission Chair. 

Eh. I'm OK with that.
Most recently she ran against K.Yo for U.S. House in 2010. There were 25,000 people in the race, many of the good, solid conservative type. She placed a distant second in that primary. Considering the bazillion people in the race, and the old money thrown at Yoder, she had a very good showing. I found her a little, well, dull. But compared to the Ed and Ed show, she's a showstopper.

Lightner is a former state representative, who is also very active in the Olathe Republican Party. (At least she used to be. I haven't been to an Olathe GOP event in ages. Her husband David is the chair. ) She served in the state house from 1998 to 2004. So there may be interesting nuggets from her voting record.

She's more conservative than most, and I think she's definitely up to the task. She wouldn't be my very first choice, but she wouldn't be my last either.

As I said months ago, I'm looking forward to watching this race unfold.

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  1. I wish she was representing the 3rd District in Washington. Yoder is just another "Say anything to keep his money people interested" kind of guy. Is there one thing he's done that's positive? I can't think of it either.