Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Boo, Kevin Yoder

Friday, December 13, 2013

Boo, Kevin Yoder

Yoder voted for the Ryan-Murray budget "deal," which manages to increase spending now, eliminate many of the sequester spending cuts, all with the promise of future spending cuts. 

This makes me so angry I can hardly even write about it. There may be political strategy reasons for voting for this atrocity, but that's no excuse for bad policy. I find it especially insulting that a new father would feel so good about saddling his newborn daughter with years and years of debt just so Republicans have a better chance at securing power. If I thought for one second that a newly-elected Republican House and Senate in 2014 would work immediately to desecrate the budget (and eliminate many of the departments responsible for America's disgusting over-spending) I may be OK with the vote. However, when was the last time a Republican-lead Congress actually cut spending? (And I don't mean "cut" the future amount of increases.) Earth to them: cutting future spending increases isn't actually CUTTING spending!! It's increasing spending at a slower rate. 

Additionally, the budget adds dozens of new "fees" (or taxes). Thanks, Yoder! I think my favorite is additional funding for strip searches at the airports. There are some cuts to MILITARY pensions. So we're going to balance new spending on the backs of our service men and women. Seems fair. 

When the Paul Ryan was announcing his budget "deal" (or back stab) I was wondering what on earth he was smoking. Apparently, Ryan isn't just doing drugs. He's passing around his bong. How else to explain Yoder's disgusting, insensitive, repulsive (insert other adjectives of anger here).

I grow ever closer to quitting the Republican Party every single day. If that means the Democrats win forever into the future, so be it. At least they are honest about their desire to turn America into a socialist, police-state hellhole.

Here's Yoder's press release and reasoning:

Tonight, the House passed the Ryan-Murray Budget Conference agreement by a vote of 332-94. After voting in favor for the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2013, Congressman Yoder released the following statement:

“Today, led by Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, the House passed its budget for fiscal years 2014 and 2015 on a vote of 332-94. For far too long, Congress has failed to manage the basics of a running the fiscal affairs of the greatest nation on Earth.

“From the fiscal cliff, to default, to shutdowns, Americans are fatigued with the inability of their elected Representatives to do the timely work necessary to find solutions that plague our ineffective and bloated federal bureaucracy. We cannot continue to lurch from crisis to crisis.

“This two-year budget represents the first budget compromise in divided government since 1986, and Chairman Ryan’s budget spends tens of billions of dollars less than when I first entered Congress just 36 months ago.

“We still have a long way to go, but with Chairman Ryan’s budget in place, we can now begin the difficult and important work of reprioritizing and reducing spending, eliminating programs and abusive federal regulations, and making the federal government more effective and efficient for the American people.

“If we are to control spending, our country must operate under a budget. For the first time in years that has occurred, and today I voted Yes.”

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  1. I will no longer be voting for Yoder. I refuse to call him Congressman Yoder he will just be Mr. Yoder for he has failed Americans, Kansans, & myself with this vote. I, like you grow closer to leaving the repulican party every day. I called Yoders KS office 2 days ago and they said he was undecided. I asked why the lady said you have to hold off your vote in case there are any addiitons to the bill. I knew then he was using his vote like Moran did on immigration reform in the Senate. I will not vote for these RINO's. I will vote for someone else in the primary, if they still win i will stay home on election day and hope they are voted out. I am sick of this republican party.