Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Guess who isn't going to cut taxes in 2014

Monday, December 30, 2013

Guess who isn't going to cut taxes in 2014

This should come as a surprise to exactly no one: Republican leaders don't have plans to cut taxes in 2014. Surprise. Surprise. 

I don't even...

You'll recall that legislators and dearest Gov. Brownback promised that by raising the sales tax last year, they would be setting up a way to take steps down the income-tax ladder in future years. Well, 2014 is a future year in which Republicans control the Governorship, the House and the Senate.

Guess what isn't on their agenda next year, according to an AP story?  Taking steps down the income-tax ladder. 

Take note, people. Anytime a politician promises to raise one tax in order to cut spending and/or other taxes in the future, they are lying. Every.Single.Time.  

I know it's not a nice thing to say, but I'm going to: I told you so.

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