Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): File it under "Irritating Liberal Lies"

Friday, December 6, 2013

File it under "Irritating Liberal Lies"

Global warming, err, global climate change: IT'S NOT REAL, and the people pimping out the idea that it is a real danger to humanity are charlatans. Pure and simple. They deserve to be laughed off stage. They should be treated like members of the Flat Earth Society and Holocaust deniers.

But that's not what we get from these people. They're out in front calling people like us "deniers." It makes me sick. I'm not going to waste one second clarifying why global warming, now called global climate change, is a hoax. Just understand that when these nut jobs talk about "climate change" or "global warming" they're talking about anthropogenic or man-made climate change. Essentially, these crazies think that piddly little you, with your aerosol deodorant and hairspray, you, are changing the temperature of the Earth. It's beyond ridiculous.

So it was not without a little rage that I read an email from "Evan Gates" expressing the outrage of State Sen. Marci Francisco and State Rep. Ed Trimmer over American Legislative Exchange Council proposals to promote "climate change denying legislation in Kansas."

Francisco insists that Kansas shows clear signs of climate change.

“We are experiencing higher temperatures and drought in Kansas.  Our climate is changing and we need Kansas solutions to address it,” said Sen. Francisco 

 Trimmer blasts ALEC.

"ALEC is a front group for the special interests who are advancing politically-motivated policies that promote their profits over the interests of Kansans," Trimmer says in the release. "Scientists have settled the question of climate change. We need policies that promote clean Kansas energy and protect the health of Kansans and their environment. The last thing we need is climate deniers from ALEC doing permanent damage to our state."

Um, virtually every piece of legislation that is promoted by anyone is "politically-motivated." When Planned Parenthood advocates salting unborn babies to death, it's "politically-motivated." By definition, when school districts and city governments go to the Legislature requesting additional funding from the state or limiting of unfunded mandates, it's "politically-motivated."   

While we're on the topic, don't you just love how every group that raises or spends money to advocate or educate on causes that might be considered conservative instantly becomes the boogeyman to Democrats. I imagine they tell their children spooky tales about ALEC and Americans for Prosperity and the Koch brothers jumping out of bedroom closets to devour puppies. Meanwhile, the wonderful people of Moveon.org, Organizing for America, the Center for American Progress and George Soros, jump out of dark closets to abort their siblings. Sweet dreams, liberal children.

Anyway, I balk at the suggestion that scientists have settled the question of climate change. Really? Because it seems like the most famous climate change "research," the famed hockey stick graph, was a scientific hoax, as in, the "scientists" just made up the results. If that's the high bar we're using to call something "settled science" then I demand that we all agree that the best way a child can be raised is in the same home with a mom and a dad who are married to one another. It's settled science already, so I don't want to hear another word about how single mothers or two fathers or two mothers are just as good for children. It's "settled." I can quote several studies, which haven't been proved hoaxes to verify my statement.

A rabbi is also quoted pleading with Kansas legislators to "give prayerful consideration to God's directive to care for creation..." 

I thought liberals were opposed to invoking God in policy making. I guess they're willing to make an exception this one time.

The email was sent by some dude named Evan Gates. The contact number directs dialers to Kansas Grassroots, a liberal political consulting firm, which is not listed in the email. Gates isn't listed as a staff member of the firm, but Google tells me he served as the president of the University of Kansas Democrats. Make what that what you will.

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