Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Brownback responds to Davis attack ad

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Brownback responds to Davis attack ad

The entire Davis campaign is based on two bold-faced and easily disproven lies, Brownback campaign communications director John Milburn said in a blast email.

1. Despite what Davis says, the Kansas economy is growing. Kansas has added 55,000 new, private-sector jobs and is fourth in the nation for new construction.

2. Kansas school funding has increased $175 million in the last year alone. 

The blast, available here, goes into much greater detail -- as in so much detail that no one is going to bother to read it all. 

Might I suggest a meme? Something short and sweet with a bad picture of Davis (difficult to come by, because he's either very photogenic or the media has never published one) with a thought bubble saying, "Actually, private sector jobs have grown under Brownback."

(Obviously, I'm no meme genius, but surely there's one SOMEWHERE in the KS GOP).



  1. Surely the Koch Brothers will be able to come up with a couple of attack ads on Davis and use the facts that you present above to come to Brownback's rescue. #Brownbakistan

  2. Maybe the Koch Brothers with their infinite pools of money can hire a meme genius? Memes for the working man.