Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Ellzey resigns

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Ellzey resigns

Gavin Ellzey has resigned as vice chair of Kansas' Third District Republican Committee, effective immediately.

He probably wouldn't have, but the Kansas City Star ran somewhat of a hit piece on him.

I actually feel sorry for the guy. Even though I think he behaved disgracefully throughout the 2014 primary season, he probably didn't deserve to have his humiliating behavior play out in such a public way.

His role in the Republican Party is a teeny, tiny one. It's an organizational position that holds very limited authority and power. The chair and vice chair run third district party meetings, which I believe happen about twice per year -- once at the Kansas GOP Convention, in which the third district meeting consists of listening to Rep. Kevin Yoder and other electeds give a stump speech -- and an organizational meeting in which delegates are selected. Otherwise, that's the extent of the chair and vice chair's duties, I think.

To its discredit, the state party at one time called Ellzey its communication director. I hear that he was actually an unpaid volunteer. I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that public relations isn't Ellzey's thing.

There are a few lessons for all Republican activists and elected officials.

First, the media is not your friend. If you are a Republican with a title, be wary. Members of the media will go out of their way to tarnish you personally. They will show you absolutely no grace, so be careful what you say in a public forum. 

Yes, Twitter is a public forum. Ellzey's Twitter account has been locked down with high privacy settings, but just know, anything you post there can and will be saved via screen shot and used against you politically when expedient.

And finally, Republicans of all stripes, we should be careful upon whom we bestow titles and offices. (See previous paragraph.) 

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