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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Center for Medical Progress

These videos from the Center for Medical Progress are the most amazing things since sliced bread.

Despite the cries from people with their heads in the sand liberals, it's quite clear from the edited videos (and the full videos that are available online) that Planned Parenthood is receiving cash in exchange for baby body parts. There are a lot of people debating the semantics. They say what PP is doing is legal. (Abby Johnson, the amazing, courageous former PP Director, said the practice is legal and I believe her.) It may be legal. The question is, should it be?

In the first video, a woman calmly munches on a salad and sips a glass of wine as she talks about carefully crushing babies in the correct way so as to preserve valuable parts like livers and lungs. Truly, I almost vomited watching the video. It's one of the most horrendous things I've ever witnessed. I cried. That's not hyperbole. It's the truth. How far had that woman fallen to believe it's acceptable to sell (whether for profit or I don't know, fun?) baby body parts? It's sick and I am driven to my knees when I consider that I am forced via the tax code to fund one penny of Planned Parenthood's operation. 

In the second video, another Planned Parenthood staff member haggles over the going rate for baby body parts. 

  • No one is denying that these women in the video are Planned Parenthood employees. No one is denying that they said the things they CLEARLY say in the videos. 
  • No one is denying that Planned Parenthood accepts money in exchange for baby parts. They simply deny that it's illegal.
  • No one is denying whether those conversations on the video happened. They're simply saying the videos are out of context. Fine, but someone please tell me context in which what is on those videos is acceptable? I realize they use the "products of conception" for research. They used the Jews for medical "research" during the Holocaust. Should we somehow rewrite history to say that was OK?
I've digressed a little, sorry. So, back to the Center for Medical Progress. I love these people. A friend of the CMP's David Daleiden -- the guy responsible for the videos -- wrote in a blog post, which I can't find, that Daleiden made a vow in college to put a stop to abortion. I can't imagine the courage it takes to dedicate your life to something so controversial. I am personally praying for this guy every single night. He needs it. His opposition is comfortable selling baby body parts. They will have no qualms crushing him in whatever way they can. They will go after his family. They will ruin his reputation. They will damage his finances. They will damage him. 

I watch so many in the conservative movement sit quietly, idly in the face of bullying from our liberal friends. I am guilty as well. I am writing to you behind a veil of anonymity. (I work in the private sector and trust me, if people know your politics here, you do not get ahead.) But even those who don't work in the private sector, those who work in politics and in think tanks, many of those folks are silent on this issue as well and likely for many of the same reasons I am. I need a job. I need to be able to support my family and to move about in our messed up world. 

I really don't have the right words to express how much I admire Daileden. Not just for the courage to go after something that should be brought down -- if we're still sending $500,000 in federal funding to PP five years from now, gross -- but also for the brilliant way in which he's done it. I'm not sure I would have had the foresight to withhold that first video for any amount of time, but Daileden did.

He has 10 videos. TEN!!! That he is patiently dribbling out over time. He's assured that this story isn't going away overnight, no matter how desperately his naysayers wish it would.
He's not just brave. He's brilliant.

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