Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): STOP OFFENDING TEACHERS, you governmental boobs

Saturday, July 25, 2015

STOP OFFENDING TEACHERS, you governmental boobs

The Kansas City Star's editorial board is demanding that the Kansas Legislature and Governor "stop proposing laws that teachers find offensive..."

That is an impossible task. It would require daily writing and passing legislation deifying teachers and devoting the state's entire budget, 100 percent -- to teacher salaries.

You see, there's never enough money to satisfy what has become a bullying, indoctrinating lynch mob of teachers. I have never, ever seen anything like it. Their collective demands are insane. No amount of money will ever satisfy their greed lust. 

I should note here, that I am talking about the deranged teachers making these demands. There are good teachers, but I don't subscribe to the notion that just because someone graduated from college with a teaching degree, they are all of a sudden a GOOD PERSON worthy of praise and worship. There are good teachers, but "good person" and "teacher" are not interchangeable words.

Teachers don't do the job for the money. Teachers do it, because of THE CHILDREN. They will tell you this over and over again, so many times that at a dinner with a teacher you will consider using your fork to stab yourself in the jugular just so you don't have to listen to the teacher with whom you're dining whine for one more second about how much they work and how much they're underpaid. 

Just last week, as she was Facebooking from a swimming pool (I was in my cubicle), a teacher friend was explaining to me that she had spent about $100 on classroom materials that day. She bought some stuff for her bulletin boards. And she quoted some statistic that says teachers annually spend more than $1 billion per year on classroom materials -- they are the largest donors to public schools.

I bit my tongue. Buying stuff to make your bulletin board "pretty" isn't really a donation to THE CHILDREN. I buy stuff to put up in my cubicle. I use my personal laptop, which, by the way, is the more expensive than my car, to do work all of the time. And yet, I don't consider it a donation to the company I work for. I know military members who have spent their own money on new uniform pieces -- yes, they are issued uniforms, but not always when they need them. And yet, I have yet to hear a single service member complain about having to "donate" to the U.S. Armed Forces.

So please, teachers throwing a never ending pity party, you aren't special. Everyone does similar things at their day jobs. The difference is, we don't go around demanding that others drop to their knees in awe at the mere mention of our work. (And we don't get summers off. Sad face.)

If it's really for THE CHILDREN, then why can't we fire bad teachers? Why must teachers have absolute job security? One bad teacher can damage untold generations of THE CHILDREN, but we can't fire them or hold the teacher accountable. That's offensive to me, but then, no one is demanding that I not be offended by legislation. (If we're being honest -- and I feel like we can be here -- I am regularly, annually, daily, offended by some piece of legislation or another. I mean, the federal government is funding Baby Chop Shops!! But I guess those aren't THE CHILDREN we care about.)

Teachers are insanely fuming right now, because now in Kansas in some cases, people who don't have teaching degrees can teach without teacher licensing. GASP! So this means Bill Gates is now qualified to teach Computer Science at some schools in Kansas. This is a good and reasonable thing. 

And let's take a moment to talk about what they're teaching in Kansas teaching schools: A big push now at Kansas teacher colleges is Social Justice. I am not kidding you. They are spending valuable collegiate time teaching future teachers about social justice. Teaching schools are Indoctrination Headquarters. To many, President George W. Bush isn't qualified to teach U.S. politics in a Kansas school, because he hasn't been through a few collegiate classes on Social Justice Theory. Seriously, I need a thesaurus to find every word synonymous with "insane," because I don't know enough words to describe that level of crazy.

Hey Star editorial board, how about instead of not offending teachers, you guys stop offending me? 

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