Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Not far enough, Guv

Monday, July 27, 2015

Not far enough, Guv

I'm so sick of tepid Republicans. I can't blame Gov. Sam Brownback for the spineless tools leading the GOP in Washington. (I blame you, Kentucky, for Mitch McConnell and  you, Ohio for John Boehner. Get your Republican houses in order, would you?)

However, Brownback could use some of the lessons that those pukes McConnell and Boehner need -- those lessons on standing up for their political base, and picking a fight when a fight is ripe for the picking.

While other governors are ceasing the issuance of abortion provider permits, ahem, thank you Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, Brownback has asked the Kansas Board of Healing Arts to inspect Planned Parenthood facilities.

Not far enough, Brownback.

I would HOPE that abortion-providing so-called healthcare facilities are inspected as a matter of course. That's not political or because I'm pro-life. I hope all "healthcare facilities" (I use the term very, very loosely when an organization's primary function is ripping babies out of wombs.) are investigated the same way restaurants receive somewhat regular visits by the health department. 

In the face of abortion facilities being used a baby part chop shops, I expect something a little stronger from our supposedly very conservative, Catholic-convert who attends a Protestant church Governor. 

So, be warned Planned Parenthood: The Kansas Governor wants the Kansas Board of Healing Arts to do its job. 

Not Far Enough, Brownback.

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