Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Not enough, Gov. Brownback

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Not enough, Gov. Brownback

Gov. Brownback, what are you doing? 

As Governors of other states rushed to attempt to arm their National Guard members following the ruthless terrorist attacks against them, Brownback decided today -- five days later -- to do a full "security review" of the National Guard in Kansas.

I know that's got to be a huge relief to National Guard recruiters unarmed, and targeted in uniform in shopping malls across the state. They can't protect themselves, but some high paid consultant is hard at work (probably in a secured office building) crunching numbers to "review" their security.

I don't even... Order the armories emptied. Issue uniformed military weapons, or better yet, and easier -- allow them to carry their own weapons. I'm just spit-balling here.

Here's the courageous press release arming the pencil pushers and consultants to fire up their sharpeners:

Topeka –  Governor Sam Brownback has ordered a full review of security measures at all Kansas National Guard facilities and installations across the state. Immediately after the July 16 shootings in Tennessee, the Governor asked Kansas Adjutant General Lee Tafanelli to identify any additional actions that might be needed to ensure the safety of our National Guard members.

“The safety of our men and women in uniform, their families and the communities in which they live and work is of paramount importance,” said Governor Brownback. “We will implement security enhancements throughout this ongoing review and assessment as they are identified, including arming additional guardsmen, over and above those security personnel who already carry weapons.”

The review is in line with the constant and on-going assessment of force protection measures that occur on both a routine and event-driven basis. The Governor also stressed the importance of the active training that brings together the National Guard and local law enforcement as well as any needed improvements to communications capabilities.

“I will continue to work directly with the Adjutant General and law enforcement across the state to make sure we are doing everything possible to confront any potential threats and protect those who serve,” said Governor Brownback. “Any actions taken will balance the importance of security while still providing needed public access to facilities.

All Kansas National Guard facilities have been under a heightened force protection level since May.


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