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Monday, August 31, 2015

Youth being young and simple

I wrote this post once and deleted it. It was a touch too mean to the Kansas Federation of College Republicans. (BTW, is this a new thing? I don't think this was a thing when I was in college.)

So, the Kansas Federation of Young Republicans was hoping to get their names in the newspaper -- err, in the Huffington Post -- and so they used the time-honored Republican tradition of adopting a leftist cause in order to secure some media time. 

As usual, it worked like a charm. It's the same media prowess used by Nancy Kassebaum, the backstabber former Representative and the Republicans for Common Sense.  Whenever they want to make a desperate cry for relevance, they run to the nearest newspaper/radio/television office or studio and talk about how the Republicans have gone too far right on <insert issue here>.

So, the young Republicans have chosen their battle: the death penalty. In a unanimous vote, the youngsters have passed a resolution calling for the repeal of the death penalty.

It smacks of youth, being well, naive youthful. 

As an aside, I am personally opposed to the death penalty. I believe judgments on life and death belong to God. However, and this is where the youth have things all messed up, the death penalty is a bad priority.

 It's difficult for me to waste my time and resources on people who have committed murder when there are actual innocents by the thousands being slaughtered each day in abortion clinics. Did the young GOPers also pass a resolution seeking to end federal funding to Planned Parenthood?

And if caring for prisoners is of such high priority, why aren't they calling for improvements to our prisons themselves? It is an abomination that rape frequently occurs in prisons so much so that it is the norm and expected. That's unacceptable. 

The youngsters who voted on this resolution didn't think very deeply about the topic at hand. This, by the way, is typically how liberals think. They think-- everyone should have health insurance, but then they don't take it one step further and ask who is going to pay for it or they don't think about the reality that health insurance doesn't necessarily mean healthcare. Liberals just don't think their positions all the way through.

There really is no such thing as life in prison. Some liberal bleeding heart always comes along and advocates for letting the bad guys out of jail. (See Tookie.) I absolutely believe in redemption, even for people who have done the worst things imaginable, but once you've killed another human in cold blood, you've abdicated your right to ever walk among the rest of us again. Until there is a way to absolutely ensure that no liberal is going to just start letting murderers out of jail (for a quick weekend, ahem, Dukakis) or for good, I can't in good conscience make repealing the death penalty a priority.

Youth gotta youth, I guess. But, dear young ones, please don't be surprised when the adults don't take you seriously.

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