Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): K.Yo does his thing

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

K.Yo does his thing

Kevin Yoder, or K. Yo, is doing it right today. 

Despite the appearance of an intra-party political GOP breakdown over the government shutdown, K. Yo is getting it just right.

Of course, I'm pleased with the solutions he's offered related to the shutdown. He's voted appropriately when asked on House continuing resolutions, and he's co-sponsored proposals to prohibit Congress, the President and any heads of executive governmental departments from taking pay during the shutdown.
Most importantly, he's gone one step further than just issuing press releases about the shutdown. It's obvious he has been proactive in taking his perspective to the people. Today he's spoken with KCTV5, KMBC 9 News, and if he hasn't been there yet, he'll shortly be on that awful show with Scott "Does this make my butt look big?" Parks and Dana Wright. Last night, I think I heard him on Darla Jaye.

K. Yo sounds reasonable and principled, and he's not allowing the media to state his case for him. He's doing it himself. Traditionally, this is something conservatives are very, very bad at. He's getting it right today, and I am pleased.

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