Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): AFP does the work party insiders should be doing

Thursday, October 16, 2014

AFP does the work party insiders should be doing

God bless Americans for Prosperity.

They are doing the work that Establishment Republicans -- and their dope-y staff members -- won't: Actually talking to voters.

In this election cycle, the organization is taking a page from the Obama for America operation. They're fielding paid volunteers rather than blowing their political capital on television commercials and mail pieces.

Republicans have long criticized (and somewhat rightfully so) Democrats for their astro-turf, paid grass roots organizers. Instead of criticizing, we should have been paying attention.

It's pretty sad liberals figured out that paying campaign precinct walkers and organizers yielded better results. Aren't we the party of capitalists?

I am not suggesting that conservatives hire ACORN to walk precincts. But I have no problem suggesting that it's not a terrible idea to hire organizers who in turn also do some of the walking -- rather hiring a college student to sit in the office and try to direct the retirees who want to volunteer to the streets to walk.

AFP is doing important work. They're not doing it perfectly -- they have plenty of establishment-types on staff. But they're attempting to do things in a new way. The organization deserves our support.




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