Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Dems can a guy

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Dems can a guy

Dakota Loomis needs a job. (Probably.)

The Kansas Democratic Party kicked the communications director to the curb. Loomis called several southeast Kansas towns "crapholes" on a college sports message board. He used his real name. Has he never used the Internet before? You can be totally anonymous here!!

Anyway, the Dems will now commence a grand apology tour. They're sending KDP Chair Joan Wagnon.

Meanwhile, executive director Jason Perkey is handling calls from the press. Perkey lists a phone number from Louisville, Kentucky, BTW. I just think that's weird, if you're taking phone calls as the executive director of the Kansas Democratic Party, shouldn't you have a Kansas phone number?

Anyway, the Dems could obviously use a communications person. The press release has misspellings.

It reads: "Kansas Democratic Party Executive Director Jason Perkey issued the following statement regrading the termination of Communications Director Dakota Loomis." 

And then Loomis apologizes profusely:

"I must first and foremost apologize for me callous, insensitive, and frankly asinine comment.
I also realize as an employee and representative of the Kansas Democratic Party that my actions reflect not just on myself, but on all Kansas Democrats.
I would ask that you not hold my own immaturity and stupidity against the great Kansas Democrats who are working every day to restore Kansas, especially those in Southeast Kansas.
It is a privilege to work for such incredible candidates and party members and it pains me deeply to know I have insulted them and undermined their tireless effort.
Again, I am sorry for my inappropriate remark and apologize to all Kansans I let down."

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  1. Yes, he sorry. Sorry he tipped his elitist hat, perhaps...