Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): No one likes League of Women Voters, but...

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

No one likes League of Women Voters, but...

I'd been hearing rumors that conservative lawmakers and candidates were turning down Meet the Candidate events to be sponsored by the League of Women Voters. 

Looking at a quick list of LWV events at a few branches of the Johnson County Library, I am pretty certain the rumors were true.

So, the crazy liberals known as the League of Women Voters will host candidates at five different library branches over the next few weeks.

Some conservatives obviously accepted the invitation, but there are several library branches not represented on the list. There are 14 branches of the county library. Of those, five will host candidate events. House candidates for districts 17 and 18 will be at the Shawnee Neighborhood branch; House candidates for district 21 and county commission candidates for the first district will appear together at the Corinth Neighborhood branch; House candidates of district 29 will be at the Leawood Pioneer Neighborhood branch; Commission chair candidates and district four county commission candidates will appear at the Central Resource Library and House candidates for the 25th district will appear at Cedar Roe Neighborhood in Roeland Park.

With 14 library branches and countless candidates and races in Johnson County, it's incredibly disappointing that more aren't taking the opportunity to appear. I generally conclude that people who are unwilling to appear at such engagements are too stupid to speak reasonably in public.

I recognize that the League of Women Voters is vile, but this sort of event could serve as outreach to constituents that may hear the term, LWV, and assume this group is a non-partisan group with only the best interests of women in mind. If a candidate has the ability to speak publicly without sounding like a ding bat, there's absolutely no risk in attending. 

There are very few organizations sponsoring meet and greet events for lower ticket races these days. If conservative candidates are uncomfortable attending those set up by (gross) groups like LWV, maybe it's time for conservatives to start their own organizations to sponsor debates and greet events.

At some point in the near future, I will write here about outreach to voters who aren't old, white men and their wives. It is imperative that conservatives (and Republicans) learn to reach new audiences. Changing demographics require it.

Attending LWV and incrementally reaching even one disaffected member of that group is a huge start. And too many conservatives -- out of fear? pride? -- refused to take the opportunity.



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