Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Women support Yoder

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Women support Yoder

So, yesterday -- two days ago-- whatever, Rep. Kevin Yoder announced his Women for Yoder coalition.  So, he's rounded up more than 100 women "leaders" of the third district who have pledged their support to the Congressman. I use air quotes, because some on the list and "leader" kind of a stretch. That's not to belittle them. That's just the truth.

One of only two common denominators from the list of names: They're Republicans. The other, they have ovaries. (Or I guess had them at one time. Do they remove them sometimes? I guess I just outed myself as Not A Medical Doctor.)

I hate this sort of thing. It's divisive. It makes the subtle suggestion that women in general need to hear from other women to know what to think. That's a little misogynistic. 

Yoder's press release explains that he has a wife! and a daughter! And for the love of all things holy, there's the nine billionth mention of his grandmother. Come to think of it, it's a little weird that he doesn't mention his mother.  I'm positive he's got one.

While I recognize and celebrate the women are different than men, it seems like mindless pandering to a special interest group to send out a list of people with extra estrogen as a campaign centerpiece.

I realize everyone does it, especially Democrats. But they are disgusting, and I would hope we have no desire to be anything like them.

It would be ever-so-slightly less offensive to see Black People for K-Yo. (I can't begin to imagine how you write that press release without the media attempting to make Yoder the modern-day equivalent of Simon Legree, but I'd sure be interested in hearing how that shook out behind the scenes. But I digress.)

Ever, ever, so slightly less offensive, and only because Democrats have actually cornered the market on the black populace. When your best candidate only manages to garner less than 10 percent of the demographic, well... there may, possibly maybe, be a need for such a coalition. 

I'm not sold on it. I'm simply suggesting it could be a possibility for the right campaign somewhere. Yoder's campaign isn't that campaign.

And there's no campaign that needs to play along to the media idea that Republicans oppose women. It's not true, and even the half-wits among us - I'll call them liberals -- know this. It's just something they say to score political points. Every liberal, especially every liberal in Kansas, knows several women who are Republicans. 

How dumb do they think the general population is if it seems necessary to remind voters that the candidate has a mother. Sorry, Yoder. And Brownback. (Did I mention the Governor has one of these coalitions too?) I think this "coalition" is dumb. 

Here's how those coalitions look when liberals do them:

Pretty ridiculous, right?
Wake me up when someone forms the Testicles for Huelskamp, or whatever. 

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