Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Brownback vs. Davis -- It's going to be a photo finish

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Brownback vs. Davis -- It's going to be a photo finish

I'm not counting Sen. Pat Roberts out just yet, but it ain't looking good. The last polls I saw showed the independent liberal with a 10 point lead.

Meanwhile, the Governor's race is looking downright winnable, which is better than it was nary a week or so ago. While polling showed a 4-point Paul Davis lead just a few days ago, the most recent polling puts the Governor behind Davis by 1 point. It's winnable

I anticipate polls will continue to move in the right direction between now and election day, and all of the terrible things that happen between now and then -- ObamaCare fully roosting, Ebola, ISIS -- all of that will be blamed, rightfully so, on the Democrats.

Unfortunately, the Pat Roberts campaign has not been able to clearly show Orman as the friend of Obama, liberal loon, he actually is. And it may just cost the Republicans the U.S. Senate.

Two polls, in which surveying concluded on Oct. 1, show wildly different results in the Roberts/Orman race. One, conducted over a 10-day period, shows a tie. The other, conducted over a five-day period, shows Orman opening up a 10-point lead.

I don't know what to think. In my heart, I know conservatives and even non-conservatives like Steve Rose, are reluctantly rallying around Roberts. Finally. I only hope it isn't too little, too late. 

I am quite curious what others think as I am at a loss. The sense a panic rolling off my conservative friends like sweat off a pig in August.

If Roberts somehow manages to pull this race out, it will be because a lot of good people did something they didn't really want to do -- pull the lever for someone who overstayed his welcome. Should he win, I sincerely hope Roberts will go out of his way to show his gratitude.

If he loses, well, that's a post for another time.

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