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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Typical Dems

So, some Democrats in Salina were stealing Republican political literature off of doors, and they were caught red-handed. That's actually illegal, by the way, but that's what Dems do.

It's pretty clear in the video that these Dems, wearing Paul Davis t-shirts,  know what they were doing was wrong. They were taking J.R. Claey's literature from door knobs. 

The thieving couple look like your typical liberals -- white, middle aged and angry. But the best part is when they get in and drive off in their Prius.

Bwahahahahaha. I'm sorry. That's just funny. They couldn't look more like caricatures if they tried.

That race in Salina may be a tight one. I've written of it once before here. (Gary Swartzendruber is trying to take ground in the War against Women.)

If you live out that way, you should vote for the guy who isn't out stealing campaign literature, and that guy is Claeys.

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