Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Budget Shortfall: Who Gets the Blame -- Part 2

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Budget Shortfall: Who Gets the Blame -- Part 2

Yesterday, I doled a healthy heaping of blame out to former Gov. Kathleen Sebelius. Obviously, this ongoing budget trainwreck isn’t all the fault of Sebelius and the boneheads who elected her. Kansas’ revenues were $53 million short of expectations last month. For those keeping count, that’s $79.6 million short year to date. Kansas’ budget is busted.

There’s plenty of blame to go around!

Kansas’ sacred cows also get a healthy dose of the blame. Kansas has two sacred cows, K-12 public indoctrination camps schools and agriculture. In a lot of religions, beasts are sacrificed. But not in the Kansas Legislature.

These sacred cows serve as false idols to be worshipped and adored. No questions asked. They deserve all of the funding and all of the tax breaks. The end.

As everyone who hasn’t been holed up in a cabin shunning society realizes -- Kansas public schools are bottomless pits of spending. There is no amount of funding that will ever satisfy this sacred cow. Members of the Kansas Legislature could collect every cent earned or spent in Kansas and give it to the public schools and they would be rewarded with angry teachers in red shirts surrounding the capitol screaming and cussing at legislators for not offering to sell their own kidneys to fund the summer homes of school administrators.

Kansas spends too much money, and public schools get the biggest chunk of the money. Legislators have done their level best to put school spending in check, but that beast is hungry and has the undying support of the attorneys handpicked by a bunch of other attorneys to sit on the Supreme Court.

Kansas attorneys are running a real racket. They pick their friends to sit on the bench, then sue the legislature for more funding for schools while collecting a hefty sum to “represent” the schools before the judges they picked. I don’t know how this isn’t illegal.

The Supreme Court is aided and abetted by some members of the Kansas Legislature. Allow me to name names:

Rep. Alcala
Rep. Ewy
Rep. Jennings
Rep. Sawyer
Rep. Alford
Rep. Finch
Rep. Kelly
Rep. Schroeder
Rep. Ballard
Rep. Finney
Rep. Kuether
Rep. Scott
Rep. Becker
Rep. Francis
Rep. Lewis
Rep. Sloan
Rep. Bollier
Rep. Frownfelter
Rep. Lusk
Rep. Swanson
Rep. Burroughs
Rep. Gallagher
Rep. Lusker
Rep. Thompson
Rep Carlin
Rep. Helgerson
Rep. Moxley
Rep. Tietze
Rep. Carmichael
Rep. Henderson
Rep. Ousley
Rep. Trimmer
Rep. Clark
Rep. Hibbard
Rep. Fred Patton
Rep. Victors
Rep. Clayton
Rep. Highberger
Rep. Phillips
Rep. Ward
Rep. Concannon
Rep. Hill
Rep. Proehl
Rep. Whipple
Rep. Curtis
Rep. Hineman
Rep. Rooker
Rep. Wilson
Rep. Dierks
Rep. Houston
Rep. Ruiz
Rep. Winn
Rep. Doll

Rep. Wolfe Moore

It may be too early to assign blame to the aforementioned steaming pile of legislators, but whatever budget crises occur from today onward, blame them. Seriously, blame these legislators. If you’re smart, you’ll do more than that -- you’ll fire them.

These legislators allowed a completely out-of-control state Supreme Court to continue making funding decisions. I’m no legal scholar, but I did pass the 5th grade (in a public school, so take this with a grain of salt) and I seem to recall that the Legislature is supposed to control the purse strings. The Court didn’t announce exactly how much the Legislature is supposed to take from taxpayer pockets and give to the schools, but basically, the Court has said repeatedly that the current amount isn’t enough. (They also threatened to bar the school doors if the Legislature doesn’t act soon. And I for one cannot wait to see how seven unelected judges plan to close schools. They can’t send out the National Guard, they can’t order police to do it, they can’t even order students to walk out. So someone please explain to me how this magical seven plans to personally block the doors to every single public school house in the state.)

Because of this activist bench, legislators cannot make reasonable cuts to the state budget. Public schools comprise more than 50 percent of the spending pie. But that sacred cow can’t be cut. (I’ll explain more about ag’s share of the blame in a later post.)

So, Kansas Supreme Court and questionable members of the House: Please take your share of Kansas’ budget woes blame. And then pass the plate. There’s much, much more to go around.


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