Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Head exploding over Brownback veto

Monday, March 7, 2016

Head exploding over Brownback veto

As if anyone needed more evidence that Gov. Sam Brownback detests legislators from his own party – here it is:

Brownback used his line item veto authority to ride the budget bill of a provision banning the use of STAR bonds in Wyandotte County. The provision received the unanimous support of the Kansas Senate. It was drafted to slow a Department of Commerce plan to force Kansans to subsidize a horse arena near in Kansas City, Kan. I’ve written about this before, and seriously, I am shaky angry about the line item veto, about the attempt to dodge legislative oversight of STAR bonds, and the disgusting desire Brownback apparently has to reward his wealthy friends with a nice, fat subsidy courtesy of taxpayers.

When I last wrote about this, an actual insider assured me that the Commerce Department and the Governor’s office would be clearing up public and legislative misunderstandings related to moving the American Royal to KCK. It’s been a full week, and what we’ve learned instead is that Brownback intends to horse kick Kansas taxpayers and his former allies in the state Senate in the face.

I would love to be proven wrong about Brownback’s outrageous decision to usurp the authority of legislators and the people who elected them. I would be thrilled to read about how this is all some massive understanding. Seriously, call me an idiot, Brownbackers. Explain to me how I am wrong about this American Royal proposal. I’m waiting. My phone lines are open. Send me an email. Issue a press release. Do SOMETHING to let those of us who worked our tails off for your election and re-election know that grassroots supporters and your allies in the state legislators weren’t mistaken in our support.

Finally, I’m really, really tired of all of Brownback’s former allies telling me in private that he’s a really nice man, who is just following the lead of dumb dumbs (or evil people). If you can’t stand up for what is right in the face of a few people who live in the basement of your deputy chief of staff, you aren’t that nice. I’m sorry. I’m about to quit buying the story about Brownback being all sweet and lightness. Moving the American Royal across the state lines via taxpayer subsidy isn’t a kindness. My definition of ‘nice’ requires doing the right thing. (My definition differs slightly from Webster’s.) 


  1. This is one veto with a guaranteed override. Bad move on the Governor's part when a provision passes the Senate unanimously. What was the House margin?

  2. Sam Brownback's applying for a million dollar lobbying job at Cerner. The senate should investigate.