Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Damage control from 2 days ago

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Damage control from 2 days ago

So, I'm up to at least two folks informing me that Speaker Merrick handled the firing of the Chairs appropriately a few days ago.

You'll recall that Merrick stripped Reps. Rubin and Barker of their chairmanships the other day as the two attempted to debate an issue on the floor. A committee did discuss the gambling bill at issue yesterday morning as previously scheduled.

Anyway, here's Merrick's statement on why he told Rubin and Barker to take a hike.

"Today, there was an attempt to manipulate the House rules and pull a bill out of committee despite a hearing on the issue in House Appropriations scheduled for Wednesday," he said in a release. "This issue is complex. There is the possibility that expanding gaming in Kansas could result in the state being forced to pay over $100 million to the current operators of the state-owned casinos. An opinion on the legal details has been requested from the Attorney General and we are are currently waiting on his legal perspective. This isn't a decision that we should take lightly at any time, but especially in light of these circumstances. The Appropriations committee will give this issue a fair hearing and will allow both sides to make their case. At this time and with a heavy heart, I am compelled to make committee changes."

There are a lot of legislators that I personally give the benefit of the doubt, because I trust that their hearts are in the right place, which means in a non-political place. Speaker Merrick isn't one of those people to me. He's done a few things that appear -- at least from where I'm standing -- to be fully, intentionally, politically motivated and without principle. 

I wish I had a lot more time this morning to really dive into it, but I don't right this second. There's also an awful lot to be said about the gambling bill in question. Sadly, the life of a conservative internet scribbler requires that I go to work everyday. 

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