Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Kansas Media Hates Conservatives, part 9,621

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Kansas Media Hates Conservatives, part 9,621

The Kansas media treats conservatives like carriers of a vile, infectious disease. In the minds of many, many Kansas reporters, conservatives are modern day lepers with better skin and damning ideas.

I could highlight this almost every single day. Today, I'll simply juxtapose the Wichita Eagle's treatment of a liberal radio host with its treatment of a Shawnee Republican.

First, here's the Wichita Eagle's respectful treatment of some random guy in suspenders who someone apparently allows to host a talk show in Wichita?? (Someone gives this guy air time. Odd.) Real shocker, this guy who hates conservatives is a "news" director. 

The article takes RJ Dicken's White House.org petition to ask the President to revoke Kansas' statehood. It's ridiculous. Not news, and actually, if it were to be taken seriously, a terrible plan. Do we really want any future Presidential administration to have the power to revoke states' governments when they disagree with a state's politics? Terrible precedent. Stupid idea. AND... not news. When the Eagle ran this article, which takes the petition seriously, the petition had a whopping 231 signatures.

The article lauds with these words: "The petition takes square aim at Gov.Sam Brownback..." "The petition crossed the threshold of 150 signatures..." 

A few days later, the Eagle took to its pages in an attempt to make Mary Pilcher-Cook look ridiculous. 

First, the article opinion piece, in its first paragraph said Pilcher-Cook compared long term contraceptives to fascist eugenics. Um. That's not what she said. Never did she utter the term "fascist." She simply said government treads on dangerous territory when it promotes contraceptives, which have been used in the past discriminatory fashion to target minority populations.

Where is the historical narrative about how governments throughout history have used contraceptives to forward eugenic principles? That has happened. The article makes no mention. Instead, it mentions that eugenics was a Nazi principle. You know who else held eugenics principles? You know who else praised Nazi Germany? The founder and patron saint of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger. The article makes no mention of that, but PP's lobbyist is quoted calling Mary Pilcher-Cook "wildly out of step with most Kansans." 

Where are the quotes from professors explaining how yes, what Pilcher-Cook said has actually happened before? The Eagle could track down a professor to respectfully comment on Dickens' petition, but apparently no professorial types were available to Lowry. 

I sure as hell hope most Kansans oppose eugenics, whether they oppose the bill Pilcher-Cook was debating. Making mention of how government-sponsored contraceptives have been used nefariously seems reasonable.

Bryan Lowry's article was a hit piece designed to make Mary Pilcher-Cook look a little off kilter. Meanwhile, Dion Lefler's piece about a person who may or may not actually be off kilter is treated as reasonable, respectable news designed to make Sam Brownback look a little off.

Conservatives, the media hates you. 

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  1. Uh-huh. Victimology much, Gidget? Right Winger isn't claiming oppression, does she exist?