Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Et tu, Moran?

Monday, March 28, 2016

Et tu, Moran?

In a truly mind boggling display, Sen. Jerry Moran has made a public request for Republicans to hold hearings for a President Obama nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Et tu, Sen. Moran?

There are few times in my lifetime in which I’ve seen a Republican field almost universally unified. This Supreme Court nomination is about the closest I can recall. I mean, Mitch McConnell actually said what conservatives were thinking when he said the next Supreme Court nominee should be appointed by the next President. And anyone who tries to pretend this is blatant partisanship without regard to precedent has his head in a hole in the sand.

So out of nowhere comes Sen. Jerry Moran suggesting that the Senate should hold hearings on an Obama nominee. I am confused.

One, there had been almost no pressure from the media or even from crazy leftists to hold these hearings.

See Republicans, that’s how it works when you stake a firm stand. McConnell said we’re not having hearings. He repeated it once or twice. Some folks ran some past Biden and Obama statements up the flag pole and for all intents and purposes, the non-controversy about refusing to replace Scalia right this second was deflated. The left and the media (I repeat myself) realized arguing was pointless, and they moved on looking for other ways to bash conservatives.

This was a savvy play from the Liberal Playbook. Democrats do this all of the time. They stick a stake in the ground, refuse to budge and start talking about allowing men to use women’s locker rooms. And since we’re only a few days removed from Easter, I’ll just add that God advises us against being lukewarm: So because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I will spit you out of My mouth. (I realize the context isn’t perfect.)

Moran hails from the most conservative state in the Union. Other than the five Kansans supporting Roger Marshall, Tim Huelskamp’s primary opponent, I can find zero self-professed Republicans who think Republicans should just play nice and let Obama steam roll a nomination onto the Supreme Court a few months shy of an election. I am stunned that Moran would announce his own support for an idea almost universally despised by his own constituents.

Let me check the big board. Yep, Moran has an election coming up in November, and it appears Kansans will be the ones deciding whether he gets to remain a member of the U.S. Senate. It seems there’s far too little time between Moran making the worst suggestion in most of U.S. history and the next election for Kansans to suddenly acquire mass amnesia.

Because Moran is from such a conservative state, his pronouncement offered cover to more liberal-leaning Republican Senators, who can now suggest that yes, we should move on a confirmation hearing because everyone, including conservative Kansas, is on board.

Seriously, whose team is Moran on?

A few days after Moran’s nefarious comments hit the press, Moran “clarified” his statement saying he is against confirmation of Garland. This is not good enough.

Here’s the secret to the Dems’ success: Whenever possible they don’t risk having a real debate, because they know they might lose. They start screaming bloody murder about absolutely anything and every possible objection long before a debate takes place. If at all possible, they attempt to stymie debate completely with a court end run. Dems stop the process at the earliest point possible.

This is why Moran’s statement is so damaging. The only way we ensure that Garland isn’t elevated into Scalia’s seat is by stopping the process before it begins. Republicans are terrible at standing our ground. Stick that finger in the air and ask Garland the tough questions, and all of a sudden, the Republicans find themselves under pressure to confirm the guy. And let’s be honest about Congressional Republicans: These guys cave early and cave often. They are the French in the face of mild German aggression. If Garland has a hearing with this Senate, they should just start waving the white flags right now.

Et tu, Moran? Seriously. Et tu?

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