Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): This rumor makes me feel stabby

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

This rumor makes me feel stabby

Motives matter to me, probably more than they should. (The road to hell is paved with good intentions and all that.) And so, with a lot of soul searching, I’ve been questioning Kobach’s motives for publicly endorsing Trump.

And then I get wind from an anonymous source, that Kobach was promised the role of Secretary of Homeland Security if Trump is elected leader of the free world. Take this gossip with a tremendous heap of salt. I receive a lot of information via sources who wish to remain anonymous, but the majority of the time, these are sources I know personally and people I trust completely. This tip was from someone who remains anonymous to me personally.

If true, I can’t tell you how this pains me. I sincerely believed Kobach to be a man of integrity and principle. Setting all aside in a quest for power is high treason to the conservative cause, especially when I consider the power quest is to head a department that shouldn’t exist.

I love and miss George W. Bush, but he created the Department of Homeland Security, an albatross around the neck of freedom lovers everywhere. This spending black hole of a department was created to stomp all over individual liberties. Plus, because its role was ill-defined from the outset, the DHS continues to grow and change in frightening ways.

That cesspool’s budget has doubled in 10 years. This department charged with “security” shut down an underwear manufacturer for trademark violations. How that helped thwart terrorism I can’t say.

This department is the worst of the worst of the federal government. Basically, it’s Satan in a TSA uniform.

If Kris Kobach endorsed Trump to head an agency that by all rights shouldn’t exist, he has truly sold his soul to dark forces. I don’t even have words. This rumor better be just that -- a salacious bit of garbage without a hint of truth. 

Still, I'd feel a lot better if I could wrap my head around a possible motive for Kobach's dastardly endorsement.


  1. Any real conservative would shutter Homeland Security - adding an additional layer never solves - always creates more inefficiency and problems.