Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): A Quasi-Conservative Will Be on the Ballot in Senate District 21

Monday, August 8, 2016

A Quasi-Conservative Will Be on the Ballot in Senate District 21

It will be interesting to see if Dems actually challenge the so-called moderates. I think it's safe to say the state Dem party won't put money and resources into many of the general election races between mods and Democrats.

However, at least one so-called winning moderate is probably going to see her wins end with the primary. Dinah Sykes, so-called moderate, beat Sen. Greg Smith in the primary. 

She now faces a Democrat party favorite, Logan Heley, for the Senate seat. Dems will flood that district with resources. Heley interned in the White House and graduated from the University of Southern California, and he's a Teamster. So Dems are slobbering all over the guy. He's constantly standing in a puddle of saliva. 

Meanwhile, Sykes and Heley are running on the same platform. 

Luckily, there IS someone who isn't a Democrat in the race, a Libertarian. Michael Kerner's top legislative priorities include reducing taxes and spending and nullifying Obamacare. He writes, "all savings have to come from spending cuts. It's pointless to raise taxes. You get less, not more revenue when you do that." He says, accurately, that many of the state's budget problems are the result of unfunded mandates imposed by the federal government and KPERs. 

He supports limiting how much state and local governments can raise taxes annually by requiring a super majority to raise or create new taxes and a simple majority to repeal or lower tax rates. 

If I had my personal choice, Sen. Smith would still be on the ballot. But primary voters had their say on Aug. 2, and that's not where we're at. General election voters get a say in November, and they do have a choice between two Democrats and one guy who shares some of the Republican Party values. I know how I'd vote.


  1. I will not vote for either Sykes or Heley. I don't know much about Mr. Kerner.

  2. I'm not a fan of anyone in this race- can't stand Dems like Heley or "Dem Lite" like Sykes...but I can't justify an agenda that keeps saying "TAAAAX CUTS", like a zombie hungering for brains. I voted for Brownback twice, but it feels like we're on a runaway train. I agree the Feds have us on the hook for so many unnecessary and impossible-to-fund mandates, but for all of the taxes cut, I don't see any of that money coming back in the form of jobs or increasing spending. I see it as everyone being forever uncertain- everyone's afraid of a crash, or layoff, or decrease in demand for goods, so that money is just parked in the mattress or the bank vault.

    I think infrastructure spending is one way to spark things- there are roads and buildings needing repair, and people out of work. Get private investment (remind the businesses who benefit the most from operating in Kansas that the cheap cost of doing business here has SOME price), privately contract out the work and materials, and we'd hopefully see some real (and tangible) results.