Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Does the Cap-J Wish To Be Taken Seriously?

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Does the Cap-J Wish To Be Taken Seriously?

I literally laughed out loud reading this story, and trust me, there's almost NEVER anything funny in the newspaper.

Yesterday, the Topeka Capital Journal covered a riveting protest outside the Kansas Chamber of Commerce office. This group of college freshmen took to the streets after everyone who works inside the Kansas Chamber office had gone home -- not that anyone inside the office would've noticed their "protest."

Um. There were 8 people in attendance. 

Also, of note, I don't believe the Kansas Chamber has published a list of endorsements for the general election to date, so it's pretty curious how the brilliant mind-reading 8 were able to discern the positions of unnamed candidates on things like abortion.

The organizer of the "protest" said he wanted to "get people to think."

I don't know about you, but 8 people standing on a street corner rambling about things of which they know nothing about doesn't get me to think. But it does get me to laugh.


  1. Another idiotic article written by Katie Moore. That Cap-Journal has always been a joke dating back to when Roger "Hiccup, Wheeze, Belch" cranked out his drivel wherein our guys were always labeled "ultra right-wing anti-abortion legislator..." regardless the issue in between falling off his bar stool.