Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Does the Cap-J Wish To Be Taken Seriously?

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Does the Cap-J Wish To Be Taken Seriously?

I literally laughed out loud reading this story, and trust me, there's almost NEVER anything funny in the newspaper.

Yesterday, the Topeka Capital Journal covered a riveting protest outside the Kansas Chamber of Commerce office. This group of college freshmen took to the streets after everyone who works inside the Kansas Chamber office had gone home -- not that anyone inside the office would've noticed their "protest."

Um. There were 8 people in attendance. 

Also, of note, I don't believe the Kansas Chamber has published a list of endorsements for the general election to date, so it's pretty curious how the brilliant mind-reading 8 were able to discern the positions of unnamed candidates on things like abortion.

The organizer of the "protest" said he wanted to "get people to think."

I don't know about you, but 8 people standing on a street corner rambling about things of which they know nothing about doesn't get me to think. But it does get me to laugh.

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  1. Another idiotic article written by Katie Moore. That Cap-Journal has always been a joke dating back to when Roger "Hiccup, Wheeze, Belch" cranked out his drivel wherein our guys were always labeled "ultra right-wing anti-abortion legislator..." regardless the issue in between falling off his bar stool.