Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Sorry. I'm Not Buying It, Morning Consult

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Sorry. I'm Not Buying It, Morning Consult

Am I living in some sort of weird alternate reality? 

Tell me Gov. Sam Brownback is unpopular, and I'll believe you. I think some of the ire against the Governor is misplaced, and I'm simply not buying that he's less popular than the Governor of Michigan or that he's less popular than the Governor of Illinois. I mean, every Illinois Governor eventually ends up in prison, but OK. Brownback isn't the most popular Governor of all time.

And I'll buy that Sen. Pat Roberts isn't the most popular Senator of all time. He's just off a pretty difficult campaign in 2014, and let's be honest: He's been in Washington FOREVER. He only remains because his wife doesn't want to leave. So, it's understandably that a lot of people when polled are a little lukewarm on Kansas' senior Senator.

That said, somehow Kansas Sen. Jerry Moran's approval ratings are lower than Roberts'. Seriously, pollsters? Morning Consult must be solely surveying the people who respond to posts on a certain Wichita State University professor's Facebook page. (Wichita State University political science professor. Liberal who attempts to spark debate and ends up being the ring leader of an echo chamber. Sorry, sir. It's true, and bless his heart.) Or maybe Morning Consult has a list of all 10 Kansas Democrats and that's who they ring to "survey" Kansas.

I have had my beefs with Moran--serious, beefs. Moran said publicly he wanted to have a hearing for President Obama's Supreme Court nominee just a few months before the election. (This still takes my breath away, because his support of that scheme offered cover to others. I don't even...) And then, he teamed up with Sen. Cory Booker to hold people's money just a little bit longer, because apparently, he thinks Americans are just too stupid to save money. Obviously, the solution was to keep the tax returns of the stupids longer so they could earn "interest." (Baffling policy suggestion.) And then, Moran's leadership during the primary campaign was a little lax. (Note to future candidates: If Moran won't take your phone calls, you should worry. He may recognize changing winds sooner than anyone else.)

I don't know anyone--other than the absolute most conservative grassroots people (like me!!) who would have anything unfavorable to say about Jerry Moran. He's highly accessible to his constituents, and I think that's a huge point in his favor.

Once again, pollsters are selling a pretty ridiculous story--that somehow Kansas' Jerry Moran has some of the lowest approval ratings of almost anyone in the U.S. Senate.

Further proof that Morning Consult is smoking something legal in Colorado? Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders--the guy who has never had a real job, the guy who couldn't beat Hillary Clinton, the so-called socialist who just bought a fancy vacation home? That guy? According to Morning Consult, he has the highest approval rating in the Senate. I'm sorry, but yeah right.

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  1. You said "Obviously, the solution was to keep the tax returns of the stupids longer so they could earn "interest." (Baffling policy suggestion.)"

    That sounded familiar, so I looked it up.


    Yep, that's right, the state of Kansas did that last year in the midst of a budget crisis. However, rather than being transparent about it, the state simply did not process hundreds (possibly thousands) of returns until closer to the end of the fiscal year to avert a cash flow crunch.