Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Brownback, Roberts attend a football game

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Brownback, Roberts attend a football game

Gov. Sam Brownback and Sen. Pat Roberts attended the Kansas State/West Virginia football game this weekend. This irritates me for two very important reasons:

1. Every time I see a politician at an event like this, I can't help but wonder how much I paid for their little joy ride. (I thought the same thing when a bevy of Kansas politicians attended the Final Four in New Orleans to watch KU. I think they even had press conferences there.) I am sure someone will eventually ask what we paid, and they'll say the taxpayers didn't, but... somehow I just know the taxpayers didn't get off scot free. We paid for security or picked up the tab for some fancy meal with West Virginian dignitaries or SOMETHING. When a high ranking governmental official travels to events like this, the taxpayers get part of the bill. Annoying.

2. Excuse me guys, but when KU or K-State does well, IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU. Repeat that with me now: It's not about you. At all. You, sir, standing on the field or in your fancy box suite, are a distraction. These games are about the accomplishments of the athletes and the coaches -- not about you.

How much did I pay for that?

Oh, and it's not about you.

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