Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): House leadership

Friday, October 12, 2012

House leadership

From what I've heard, there are three Johnson County gents who intend to run for Speaker of the Kansas House.

They are: Rep. Arlen Siegfried, Rep. Lance Kinzer, and Rep. Ray Merrick.

Those who are elected to the Kansas House on Nov. 6 will be tasked with choosing leadership in the House, and it's anyone's game considering there will be so many new faces in Topeka when the dust settles.

One thing is certain: the candidate with Gov. Brownback's support will have the upper hand. While I highly, highly doubt the Governor will broadcast who he supports publicly, you can bet his minions including PACs and staffers will be quietly letting the newly-elected know who the Governor wants to win.

Rumor has it, the Governor will be backing Lance Kinzer. I think this is daft. Of the three (that I know of) who are running, Kinzer is the least qualified. Nice guy. Not ready.

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