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Monday, October 1, 2012

Sigh. The Kansas Chamber

There goes the Kansas Chamber again, thinking people give a rat's behind about their concerns. 

In a move that should surprise only those who've been living a la Ted Kaczynksi, the Chamber has offered its (probably) exclusively Republican-only endorsements for the upcoming elections.

This is stupid, and I'll tell you why:

1. No one cares. Anyone caught carrying the Chamber's endorsement list into a polling booth should be shot, or at least apprehended until after the polls close. If you don't know who to vote for without the Chamber's assistance, please do the world a favor and do not vote.

2. The Chamber PAC is wasting its time. With rare exception, the Kansas 2012 election was decided in early August. Why bother sending out this list?

3. Why bother sending out this list? To my knowledge, the Chamber PAC didn't even send out questionnaires to the candidates. If they were only endorsing in races where one or both of the candidates had voting records, that would be understandable. But that's not what we have here. It's as if they just selected candidates out of thin air. (Or more likely, from Brownback's head, but whatevs.) 

I like and prefer virtually every candidate on this list and hope they win. That said, the Chamber PAC does itself a disservice by not actually researching the candidates. The entire point of an endorsement is having actual knowledge of the players at hand, and I know for a fact they do not in every race. This makes their endorsement meaningless. They may as well just flip a coin.

The Chamber PAC fluffed up its endorsement press release with some comments about how these candidates are pro-smaller government and pro- private sector growth. But again, I ask: How would those boneheads know?

If you care, here's who the Chamber supports:

    Kansas House of Representatives

J. Stephen Alford
Larry Alley
Erica Anderson
John Barker
Sue Boldra
Benny L. Boman
John Bradford
Marla Brems
Rob Bruchman
Steven R. Brunk
Tony Bukaty 
Mike Burgess
Richard Carlson
Will Carpenter
Ward Cassidy 
Marshall Christmann
JR Claeys
Susan Concannon
Ken Corbet
Travis Couture-Lovelady
David Crum
Peter DeGraaf
Willie Dove
John Edmonds
Joe Edwards
Keith Esau
John Ewy
Randy Garber
Tim Garvey
Mario Goico
Ramon Gonzalez Jr.
Jana Taylor Goodman
Amanda Grosserode
Dan Hawkins 
Dennis Hedke
Phil Hermanson
Ron Highland 
Brett Hildabrand
Kyle D. Hoffman
Mike Houser
Jim Howell
Michelle Hucke
Steve Huebert
Mark Hutton
Steven C. Johnson
Kevin Jones
Mark Kahrs
Kasha Kelley
Jim Kelly
Lance Kinzer
Marvin Kleeb
Brenda K. Landwehr
Rick Lindsey
Jeff Locke
Jerry Lunn
Charles Macheers
Peggy Mast 
Craig McPherson
Kelly Meigs
Ray Merrick
Janet Mitchell
Lee Modesitt
Robert (Bob) Montgomery
Becky Nioce  
Connie O'Brien
Leslie Osterman
Virgil Peck
Reid Petty
Joshua Powell 
Richard Proehl
Marty Read 
Marc Rhoades
Aimee Rosenow
Allan Rothlisberg
John Rubin
Ron Ryckman
Ron Ryckman Jr.  
Joseph Scapa
Don Schroeder
Scott Schwab
Sharon Schwartz 
Shawn Shipp
Clark Shultz
Arlen H. Siegfreid
Joe Siewert 
John Stevens
Gene Suellentrop
Bill Sutton
Jack Thimesch
James Todd
Jene Vickrey
Chris Waldschmidt
Troy Waymaster 
Brian Weber
                                                             Kansas Senate

Steve Abrams
Pat Apple
Tom Arpke  
Dick Barta
Elaine Bowers
Anthony Brown
Terry Bruce
Kenya Cox
Jim Denning
Les Donovan
Ron Ellis  
Steve Fitzgerald   
Mitch Holmes
Dan Kerschen
Jeff King
Forrest Knox
Jake LaTurner
Garrett Love
Julia Lynn   
Ty Masterson
Jeff Melcher  
Casey Moore 
Michael O'Donnell
Rob Olson    
Ralph Ostmeyer  
Mike Petersen
Mary Pilcher Cook
Larry R. Powell
Dennis Pyle
Bob Reader
Greg A. Smith 
Chris Steineger
Caryn Tyson
Susan Wagle
Joe Ward  

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