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Friday, October 26, 2012

Ruffling feathers

Clay Barker has never patted me on the head. Not even once, but an angry emailer is convinced my praise for Barker, the executive director of the KS GOP, and Ronnie Metsker, is because I just want my friends in power.

I knew it was only a matter of time before this blog ruffled someone's feathers. I don't like it, but short of not writing, which isn't going to happen anytime soon, it was bound to happen.

I received a pretty angry email a few days ago from a party activist. This person, who I will not name, is truly conservative and committed to the cause -- not always nice, but committed. The email reads:
"I think you need to take a few days off blogging, look at what you've written, and ask yourself why you sound like just as much as a "rah rah" party insider (a bit hack-ish, really) as the people you criticize for being party hacks..."

I did take a few days off -- not at this request -- but I did have a few days to reflect. A party "hack" by my definition, is someone who does what is necessary to retain power or the appearance of power. I have NO power. I am not an elected official. I am not a lobbyist. I'm not even a heavy donor. I'm an observer, not an actor or influencer.

The emailer takes issues with the my mild criticism of the Gardner and Overland Park party committees.

"You've already admitted to me you don't know anything about why they formed or who formed them, but you keep insulting them.... Seriously, it just makes you look really bad to any precinct captain in Olathe, Gardner, or Overland Park (that's a lot of precinct people, by the way) who are involved with conservative causes, because you just said that they want a stupid certificate from Ronnie Metsker.  You sound like a jerk..."
Yeah. I can live with that. The emailer also is not a fan of Johnson County Republican Party Chair Ronnie Metsker or Kansas GOP executive director Clay Barker. The emailer says Metsker is incompetent and...

"Clay Barker -- hilarious.  He tried to stop 40 precinct people who still ended up showing up to form the Overland Park Republican Party.  Why?  Because of sour grapes.  But you love him because he pats you on the head."

For the record, Clay Barker has never patted me on the head. Not even once. (Maybe I'm doing it wrong? Does he pat other people on the head?)  I don't even know if the guy knows me. But he's personable and makes the little people (LIKE ME!) feel comfortable at party functions. Most of the people at GOP events will knock the little people over on the way to shake hands with Kris Kobach or (insert important government person here.) Clay will take a few minutes to talk to anyone. So yeah, I like him.

The email continues and I was going to respond to each point, but honestly, I want to keep this blog somewhat light. Call it the Page Six of the Johnson County wing of the GOP. I'll not bore you longer except to say, I disagree with the emailer. But I'm glad the writer is engaged and paying attention.

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  1. Don't worry. Most party insiders have received those emails from Ben Hodge.