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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New Kansas Watchdog??

Update: Earl Glynn is (sort of) still with Kansas Watchdog. Read about it here.

Kansas Watchdog is a fairly reliable source for honest news.  Earl Glynn, the guy that runs it (used to run it??) is as honest as the day is long. He also runs a site that mirrors the Drudge Report, called Kansas Meadowlark. It's filled with local news of the week, and I visit it often. I do know Glynn is a conservative, a major, major conservative. He's also a pretty savvy researcher, but he's done a great job at Kansas Watchdog of holding to the center in his investigative reporting.

Meadowlark is his own site. Watchdog is part of some think tank, I think. (Kansas Policy Institute? I'm not sure.)

However, in the last few days, I've been wondering if there haven't been some changes at Watchdog. I haven't had time to investigate what with Election Day bearing down on us like a Frankenstorm over climate changed Atlantic Ocean waters.

I've been noticing that the Tweets coming from Watchdog have what I would call a liberal bias.  Note, for example this Tweet: : shines a light on extravagant by .

It's the word "extravagant" that sticks in my craw. I don't think that's a neutral word. I haven't even read the story yet, but it's the second or third Tweet in the last few weeks that has me wondering: what in the world is going on over Watchdog?

Feel free to spill what you know in the comment section.

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  1. Where's Waldo?

    My current assignment at the Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity is to work on research and special projects.

    I write technical reports published at the new site, www.watchdoglabs.org, and work with our reporters in many states on related computer-assisted reporting projects. (Take a look at my most recent report, Michigan lost 55,000 people but gained 500,000 voters between 2000 and 2010 census.)

    I tweet mostly now as @WatchdogLabs or @EarlGlynn. Occasionally during the weekly twitter #FOIAchat I tweet/RT on Kansas topics as @KansasWatchdog. Otherwise, tweets are from the Kansas Watchdog reporters.

    The @KansasWatchdog bio page identifies Travis Perry and Gene Meyer as the www.KansasWatchdog.org reporters.

    KansasWatchdog.org and WatchdogLabs.org are both projects of the Franklin Center that supports news reporting in a number of states at Watchdog.org.

    KansasMeadowlark.com is my personal "hobby" and sadly I only have time to update it once or twice a week now.