Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): W(h)ine from sour grapes

Friday, October 19, 2012

W(h)ine from sour grapes

These six turncoat Republicans are endorsing the incumbent Democrat Anthony Hensley in his race against Republican Casey Moore for the state Senate.

They include Sens. Roger Reitz, of Manhattan; Pete Brungardt, of Salina; Dwayne Umbarger, of Thayer, Jean Schodorf, of Wichita; and Ruth Teichman, of Stafford. Each and every one of them lost hard-fought primaries against actual Republicans.

The final turncoat: John Vratil of Johnson County, who saw the writing on the wall and knew his ego couldn't take losing an election. He did not run again. His hand-selected candidate, Pat Colloton, lost in the primary and now Vratil is backing the Democrat Mike Delaney over Republican Jeff Melcher in the race for his seat.

Trust me. My candidates have lost hard fought bitter political campaigns before. It is no fun to be on the losing side. However, you strap on your big boy pants and root for the home team in the general election. At the very least, you creep home and sit on the sidelines (QUIETLY) until the next campaign season. 

These loser Republicans are so much w(h)ine from sour grapes. It leaves a bad after taste.

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