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Friday, October 19, 2012

Mouth of the Month -- Steve Fitzgerald

Very rarely will you ever hear me say a politician is right. Even a broken clock is right twice a day, so too are various politicians -- especially of the GOP stripe.

However, they typically don't need to be told they're right. Most of them believe they can never be wrong. Their heads are so big, it's a wonder any politician can fit through a standard doorway.

So, I'm about to say something I try very hard NOT to say.

Steve Fitzgerald is right, and this is the cause of much gnashing of teeth and disdain from the Democrats.

Fitzgerald is running for the state Senate. He handily defeated (the kinder, gentler) Mark Gilstrap in the August primary and is now going mano a mano against incumbent Democrat Kelly Kultala. Fitzgerald has lost to her before and he didn't win many friends when he said during a debate, if you're a Democrat, you can't be a Christian.

I'm no theologian, but Fitzgerald deserves a Mouth of the Month Award for his honesty. To listen to Kultala and the Democrats, you'd think Fitzgerald called them Nazis.

He stated very clear and concise reasons why, in his opinion, the Democratic Party platform and the Bible do not jibe. While it's not popular to say it, anyone who has ever been to a church that wasn't presided over by Jeremiah Wright knows that the Democrat Party is basically shaking its fist at God.

They can knock themselves out, but God is a jurist from whom there are no appeals. The Democrats who truly do hope to find favor from the man upstairs should heed the message and tread carefully.

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