Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Ed vs. Ed Part 2

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Ed vs. Ed Part 2

I should have done better research. Yesterday, I learned that Ed Peterson intends to run for county chair in 2014.

The announcement was so shocking that I wasn't even certain that Eilert would in fact run. (The pair seem so similar, rarely voting differently.)

Like I said, I should've done better research. Eilert is, of course, planning to run for a second term. The Kansas City Star's Steve Kraske says so. 

Also, Ed Eilert's campaign Facebook page says so. The Facebook page, at 111 fans and counting, boasts an invitation to an Eilert fundraiser next week!! 

It's like 1981 all over that invite. Like Converse sneakers and feathered hair, some trends refuse to die. The invite answers one important question: Just who will the has-beens support?

Answer: They're Team Eilert. The top of the invite lists the usual suspects: Mary Birch, Greg Musil, Ben Craig, Lynn Mitchelson, Fred Logan.

 Meh. I am not impressed. 

Surely there's a conservative somewhere salivating over the opportunity to run against this duo. John Toplikar ran for chair last time. He was pretty soundly walloped, but this is a different race. Also, I note that Charlotte O'Hara, who has run for the post before and who endorsed Eilert the last time, isn't a host of his upcoming fundraiser.

Is she considering a run for the chair? 

As I said yesterday, things.just.got.interesting.

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