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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Facing the voters...

It's pretty obvious which member(s) of Kansas Congressional delegation aren't facing voters soon.

I give you Sen. Jerry Moran, who shamefully voted to kick the can down the road for another 90 days. 

While Rep. Kevin Yoder and Sen. Pat Roberts (who must face voters approximately one year from now) wisely voted against raising the debt ceiling limit in return for well, nothing. 

Meanwhile, Jerry Moran used Democrat talking points to explain away his reasoning for voting "yes." Just tacky. Moran said:

"The American government should never default on its debt obligations, but unless we find the courage to restrain our country's out-of-control spending, that's exactly what will happen."
First, it's abundantly clear that Oct. 17 wasn't really a hard deadline, but more of a rolling target. All of our bills don't come due at the same time, and last time I checked the IRS was continuing to collect money. Republicans had a little more time to negotiate for a better deal. Instead, this can-kick of debt ceiling raise comes complete with EXTRA spending. I swear, the U.S. Government is Thelma-and-Louise-style suicidal. We are just racing for the cliff like it's a roller coaster. 

Finally, Moran said:

"This good-faith deal calms fear of default for now, but we must take advantage of the next 90 days to finally work together and get our spending under control."
I take absolute issue with the suggestion that the debt ceiling bill was a "good-faith deal." Yeah. No. It wasn't. It increased spending until we hit the next deadline in January.

And what on earth is Moran babbling about? What magic does he suppose is going to take place between now and January that will get everyone and getting spending under control? Does he assume the Democrats in Congress and our barbaric Obama Administration will be so taken with the Christmas spirit that they'll suddenly become fiscally sane? 

I'll have whatever Moran is smoking. What a disappointment.

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