Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Wild speculation about a liberal -- You're Welcome!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wild speculation about a liberal -- You're Welcome!

So, the Democrats have drummed up a replacement for Rep. Paul Davis. Davis, you'll recall, is going to be laughed off the stage in a bid for Governor, leaving his spot wide open.

There's at least one Democratic candidate whose announced she'll vie for the job. Meet Abbie Hodgson

Here's pretty much all you need to know about her:

1. She was recently married, but in the tradition of liberals everywhere, she did not take her husband's last name. (I really don't care about this issue. But it's a trend. Oh, and when you don't take your husband's last name, and then give your kids hyphenated last names, I feel kind of bad for them. Not that they're going to get teased, but what if they want to keep their last names? Do they have to go with something like MaryJohnson Hyphen Hunt Hyphen Tisdale? Cruel.)

2. I don't think she has any conservative friends. I don't know that for certain, but based on my (not very extensive) Facebook research, it appears she doesn't. I mean, that's not normal, especially when you live in Kansas. If you're so far left you can't even be casual acquaintances via Facebook with conservatives... 

3. She is a graduate student in communications at the University of Kansas. I am unable to confirm whether she is the voice behind David Guth's Twitter account. 

4. And this is really the only part that matters: She worked for former Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, or the dark master of evil as I affectionately call the HHS Secretary. Oh, and Abbie is actively involved with Planned Parenthood of Kansas. So she's gunning for the contents of your uterus, pregnant friends.

So Lawrence Republicans -- yes, there are some. I've met them -- your task is clear: Save us from this Wendy Davis wannabe. 


  1. So, your criticism seems to be:
    (1) her unborn, future kids might have awkward surname construction, an admittedly non-important issue;
    (2) None of her friends leaped off the page as conservative to you, despite the fact that (1) you didn't research this very hard and (2) it's not a prerequisite to be a candidate for office in Kansas;
    (3) She's pursuing higher education; and
    (4) a Democratic candidate for office has previously worked with Democrats and for Democratic causes.

    If you're trolling, you're doing a fantastic job. But if it's a serious criticism, you suffer from a serious lack of substance.

    Perhaps you should be holding up that mirror to your critical thinking and analysis skills. (And perhaps you could take a page from her book, and study communications yourself?)

  2. 1. Ha ha. No. I'm not criticizing her future children's surname construction. I'm making note.

    2. Do you know how hard it is to work in politics in Kansas and NOT have political friends of the opposite stripe? It's virtually impossible.

    3. You have NO idea what I do for a living or what I studied/study in school.

    4. And yes, my criticism is firmly that she thinks unborn babies should live or die based on whether their mother can fit into a prom dress.

    But thank you for reading! I only need about 20 more readers per day to be able to offer advertising. Tell your friends.