Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Oh look! It's a human, acting like one

Friday, October 4, 2013

Oh look! It's a human, acting like one

These sorts of stories always bother me. The New Republic is reporting that Kansas' very own Pat Roberts comforted some gay and lesbian activist visitors in the Capitol when it was locked down yesterday.

The headline:Only the Capitol Shooter Could Bring LGBT Activists and a Kansas Senator Together

Um. No. That's not true. Most people have much more in common than their politics and guess what? We can disagree without calling names, slinging verbal arrows and throwing punches. 

Roberts is a human, and he acted like one -- comforting those in need when called to do so. I have trouble coming up with a single person who wouldn't do the same.

In addition to being a human, Roberts is a former Marine, and when called to behave like one, he did.

It's a nice story, but I wish liberals wouldn't act so surprised when a conservative acts like a human. The fact that we're humans shouldn't be treated like breaking news, but I guess sometimes people need the reminder. Grrr.


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