Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Nothing to see here

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Nothing to see here

RINO Jean Schodorf kicked-off her campaign for Kansas Secretary of State in Wichita yesterday. (She had already announced her intention to run a month ago, and then announced that she had filed. And then had a kick-off. The lack of buzz from all of it was deafening.)

The former Republican-in-Name-Only renounced her GOP card throwing a temper tantrum after losing a Republican primary for the Kansas Senate. 

Will Kansas Democrats buy her schtick? She faces some business guy from Mission Hills in a Democrat primary for Secretary of State. 

The winner will have the unenviable task of running against smooth-talking, actual-Republican Kris Kobach. I don't see it working out all that well for Shodorf or Random Business Guy from Mission Hills.

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