Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): As projected, Roberts' campaign shaken up

Friday, September 5, 2014

As projected, Roberts' campaign shaken up

This strikes me as a terrible omen: The Roberts' campaign has fallen apart, and now the NRSC is sending in its "consultants."

The whole thing makes me absolutely sick to my stomach. Republicans shouldn't be fighting for their political lives in Kansas. 

Though Kansas Sen. Jerry Moran runs the National Republican Senate Committee, that club shouldn't even be able to point out Kansas on a map. They should never, ever need to come here. If the NRSC called Kansas a flyover state, I wouldn't even be offended. 

Go turn Iowa blue. Or spend your time and money in New Jersey or Michigan or Illinois, or even Missouri. I can't speak for all Kansans, but I don't want NRSC operatives here. 

It's a stunning irony that Roberts is in trouble, almost precisely, because he doesn't actually live in Kansas, and so to calm the political waters, the people from Washington, D.C. are coming to town to bail him out.

It's a disaster.

It's never a good idea to just react, react, react to situations. That's apparently what's going on at the Roberts campaign. There's no forethought. No consideration. Just reaction. How else to explain a Roberts campaign leader telling the media that Roberts had gone "home" to Virginia to rest after the primary? How else to explain why Roberts would hang up his campaign sneakers after winning the primary instead of actually continuing to campaign? It just reeks of Roberts feeling entitled. 

I feel badly for Roberts' former campaign manager Leroy Towns. He's a nice enough guy, and the campaign consultants aren't really the problem in the Roberts race. 

The political winds were blowing against Roberts long before he committed to running for a billionth Senate term. A savvier, less egotistical politician would have stepped aside and thrown support behind... well, someone. Instead, Roberts dug in his heels and ran again.

I don't really know anything about the new crew in town to rally the Roberts campaign. I am familiar with Alan Cobb, who at one time served as the Americans for Prosperity state director of Kansas. 

And then there's this Chris LaCivita, a "seasoned consultant," according to the news story. I'm too lazy to look into where this person got his seasoning, but I am not comforted by some outsider coming to town to "fix" the Roberts' mess. The Roberts' mess was actually CAUSED by people who lost touch with the citizens of Kansas. 

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