Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Paul Davis: Helping Ladies pay for Law School since 1998

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Paul Davis: Helping Ladies pay for Law School since 1998

Well color me surprised: Paul Davis is a man of questionable character.

Just kidding. Low moral character is pretty much a given for Democratic candidates and office holders.

The Dems' gubernatorial candidate was caught with a stripper on his lap during a 1998 drug raid at a "Gentlemen's Club."

It's hard for me to get all worked up about the fact that he was in a strip club 20 years ago, and I can't say I blame him for not putting that fact on his campaign literature. It's hard for me to think of a single person who didn't do some really super stupid stuff in their 20s. (And about those very select few who didn't do anything embarrassingly dumb? They're almost difficult for me to trust. Some people -- ahem, me -- need to make mistakes to learn. But kudos to those who never needed to.)

Davis' response: He was not married at the time and he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. While I can't get all bent out of shape about a single man in his 20s going to a strip club (one time that we know of), there's something a little fishy about the story.

I am going to paraphrase someone else's words here, because he said it better than I could. I'm not going to mention his name, because I don't have permission.

Anyway, a wise conservative activist wrote on his Facebook page that something about the Paul Davis strip club story strikes him as odd and deserving of more scrutiny.

The press and police reports that the strip club and a bar were both owned by Marvin Jones, who was under investigation for drug-related activities on his properties.

On the night in question -- the night where Davis just happened to have a struggling law student (or single mom or whatever) half dressed in his lap -- police arrested Jones for selling drugs.

The Kansas conservative activists asks: What was Davis doing in that particular club, 146 miles from his home, just after midnight on a Tuesday night?

 He wrote: "Are we being asked to believe that the man just has incredibly bad luck? Raids like that can’t possibly be a nightly occurrence in Coffeyville, a town of under 10,000 people. To me, it’s not a matter of 'wrong place, wrong time,' as Davis asserts. It’s more like 'odd place, odd time.'"

Davis lived in Lawrence at the time and chose to frequent a "club" several miles away from home. The conservative notes that Topeka and Kansas City likely had more such places and in much closer proximity than Coffeyville.

According to the police reports, Davis immediately began asserting that he was Jones' attorney once officers appeared in the VIP room. Fishy, as if Davis knew that Jones was the perp in the raid. 

The Activist Who Shall Not Be Named questions why Davis asked for the county sheriff by name during the raid.

"How many 26-year old attorneys out for a night on the town 146 miles from their homes know the local sheriff by name and ask for him when caught up in a raid?"

Good question. And here's his closing: 

"Why was Mr. Davis, the self-proclaimed attorney for the drug-dealing club owner, on site, in the middle of the night, during the middle of the work, week 146 miles from his home and office, partaking of the club’s “offerings,” while his client was selling illegal drugs in the other room?

Forgive me if I’m a little dubious that it’s all just an 'incredible coincidence.'"


  1. "...a wise conservative activist..." Uh-huh.

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