Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Brownback campaign takes my advice... kind of

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Brownback campaign takes my advice... kind of

The Brownback campaign has obviously come to their senses somewhat. They've taken a page from Gidget's book and used a regular person (instead of Brownback in a sweater vest) to carry the conservative message. I wrote about the awful, awful Brownback campaign ads on Sept. 17.

In this ad, Becky explains how Brownback's policies have benefited her.

It's not quite what I had in mind. I would have preferred they use my exact idea -- the teacher with fewer students in her class, the business owner who could afford to hire more employees -- but this ad will work in a pinch. My proposed ads were better, but I understand the challenge in finding and vetting the specific people I suggested in a short time frame.

Once again, Brownback campaign, you're welcome.


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  1. I agree that it's better than Stiffy Stiffersen trying to sell himself with that fake Woody from Toy Story smile. Despite Becky's lower taxes she looks like working for the man has run her ragged. She should take a nap or a vacation.