Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Dick Kelsey isn't turning the other cheek

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Dick Kelsey isn't turning the other cheek

Dick Kelsey isn't supporting Paul Davis for Governor because he supports the Davis agenda or philosophy.

It's pretty clear from Kelsey's own words that his support for Davis is based solely on a personal vendetta against Gov. Brownback.

Kelsey, a former state Senator, was summarily primaried and tossed out of office in 2012. Kelsey says he was inaccurately lumped with the moderate liberal wing of the Republican Party because he spoke out and questioned some of Brownback's initiatives and policies.

I apologize for sending you here, the Davis page, but that's where Kelsey's announcement is. Anyway, Kelsey writes:

Compromise will be necessary instead of the present system of my way or the highway. We all want a healthy state government. A balanced government is much healthier than one that only focuses on a few people's narrow agenda.

For what it's worth, I think Kelsey is absolutely correct. I don't particularly want or expect the Governor to compromise with Democrats, but he should at least lend a respectful ear to legislators in his own party. But that's not Brownback's bag.

Ask Jerry Lunn or Charles Macheers just how decently the Governor treated them in the face of a rather mild disagreement. The Governor's right hand man went all red-faced and angry reading them the riot act. I guess that's better than throwing money at their primary opponents, but still, that was kind of low, shoddy behavior from leadership.

Brownback has shown no interest in negotiating with members of his own party. He's privately and personally stabbed many of his once vocal supporters in the back. Just ask Charlotte O'Hara. 

I often envision our Governor sitting at home sharpening his knives just waiting for the appropriate moment to slice a backside. I know that's not nice, but I don't think the Governor treats people who disagree with him very well. I can't find it, but I know I've written that I believe that Brownback's ego may be a real source of spiritual darkness for him.

And speaking of areas of spiritual darkness, Kelsey, a former pastor, ought to turn the other cheek

If he's truly committed to pro-life policies as Kelsey says he is, that should supercede his feelings about Brownback personally. I'm not saying that Kelsey has to vote for Brownback or even tell his friends and family that he supports Brownback. 

But it likely means not being a shill for Davis. The public announcement and endorsement screams vengeance. And that belongs to the Lord.


  1. Other than a lame "pro-life" piece at the end, you've laid out precisely zero reasons why Kelsey should "turn the other cheek." You yourself said (in so many words) that Brownback is vindictive, uncompromising and downright vicious. How would Kelsey now stand to benefit by helping Brownback rearrange the deck chairs as the H.M.S. Samtanic sinks?

    1. I never said Kelsey should help Brownback. I am suggesting Kelsey should NOT help baby-killer Davis.

  2. Calling Davis "Baby-killer" makes you sound a lot cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. I do look forward to reading your posts every day. Keep 'em coming.