Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Proving his critics right

Friday, September 26, 2014

Proving his critics right

(Edit: After posting this, two trusted sources posted they had spoken or texted with Wolf and he said there is no meeting and no endorsement.)

I really hope this story isn't true.

Politico reports today that Milton Wolf, one-time Pat Roberts primary challenger, will consider endorsing Greg Orman in the U.S. Senate race.


According to the report, Wolf will only agree to make such an endorsement if Orman agrees to caucus with the Republicans.

This is just stupid. I don't know how much power Wolf believes he has, but why would Orman make that deal when whatever the Claire McCaskill and Harry Reid offered is probably so much sweeter. What can Wolf offer? Free x-rays for life?

If Wolf was wise, or if Wolf actually believed the stuff he campaigned on (pro-life, pro 2nd Amendment and other Constitutional principles), he wouldn't dare endorse Orman. 

Orman is pro-abortion. He is anti-Second Amendment. He voted for and funded Obama for heaven's sake. 

I am mildly hopeful that this story is so-much-ado about nothing -- that this is a liberal media ploy to give conservative street clred -- however, fleetingly -- to Greg Orman.

A man of principle wouldn't even bother meeting with Orman. There's no point. 

While I personally believe Wolf should have lost gracefully and endorsed Roberts, I also understand that human nature is an ugly beast. It was a horrible, ugly primary, and it was probably unreasonable to expect Wolf's immediate endorsement of Roberts. 

A man of high character and principle would have done so, but I recognize that's not everyone. I anticipated it may take time to battle those primary demons into submission, and I wouldn't fault Wolf if it took him until October to come around and do the right thing.

There is no "right thing" in endorsing Orman. That's simply sour grapes. It shows low moral character and lack of principle.

If Wolf endorses independent Democrat Orman over Roberts, Wolf will prove his worst critics absolutely correct.

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