Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): I Told You So... Again

Friday, September 19, 2014

I Told You So... Again

Remember when I said Democrats would use Brownback's tax increase against him? 

In 2013, I wrote:

"In addition to Democrats (and RINOs and naysayers or whoever) being able to say that Kansas Republicans broke a promise to Kansans, they'll also be able to say that the Governor and Senate's plans for the state budget places the burden for making up the shortfall on the lowest earners in the state.

This is simple math. The Governor's plan calls for lowering the highest income tax bracket. It's a tax break that lowest income Kansans will not see. Meanwhile, the lowest earners are hit hardest by sales tax increases, which the sales tax extension would be. "

As uncomfortable as it is for me to say, I told you so, it needs to be said. I was right. 

Here's the Kansas Dems Twitter during the gubernatorial debate in OP right now:

Sam Brownback already raised taxes on people making less than $15K thanks to his

By the way, I feel like Keen is winning the debate. Not enough people are going to see the debate for it to matter, but...

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