Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Like a Derelict with a tin cup

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Like a Derelict with a tin cup

National GOP organizations and the Brownback campaign are either broke, desperate or both. 

No matter the time of day or night I open my inbox, it is overwhelmed with requests for funds. Truly, it's out of control. 

Seriously, their blegs for money have gotten out-of-hand. They are like a derelict shaking a tin can for change outside the liquor store -- ever present, kind of smelly, and shaky for a fix.

The emails are relentless, and really, I've had enough.

Yes, I want the Republicans to win the Senate. No, I don't want Paul Davis to be Governor. That said, if I don't trust the government to spend my money (Ahem. I don't.), why would I trust government officials to spend my money effectively on their campaigns?

The Brownback campaign is a train wreck. If (HUGE IF) they manage to keep that locomotive on the track long enough to reach destination victory, it won't be because of money.

I don't trust the RNC, the Republican Governor's Association or the NRSC that Jerry Moran is running. I don't trust them. Any of them. No offense, Moran, but in your current position, you're nothing but a tool for the Establishment.

When I donate money to political candidates and causes, I am very, very discerning. Most candidates and virtually all Republican groups don't make the cut.

If I wasn't receiving a half dozen emails a day from the same groups, I might consider a donation. I don't like being pandered to. I'm not your friend. Right now, the relentless emails are serving only to irritate. Just stop.

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