Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Brownback Campaign: Let me help

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Brownback Campaign: Let me help

This ad stinks. Look at the fake, but adoring faces of the Brownback supporters listening to a few inspirational words from our fearless leader.

And then there's his most recent ad, in which the Governor sits on some hay bales on a farm and attempts to wax poetic about farming.

I think it's supposed to help people identify personally with Sam Brownback. It begins, "I grew up on a farm..." It fails so completely. I will attempt to embed it later. (On a personal note, I'm having technical difficulty. But, you can go to YouTube and watch it here until I am able to embed it.)

Against my better judgement, I am going to help the Brownback campaign right now. For Kansas' sake, I hope they take my advice. Next time, I'll expect a small stipend, but for the good of state and country, here goes:

Under no circumstances should Sam Brownback himself attempt to be the messenger for his ideas. He's just not very good at it. In the campaign ads, he looks stiff and politician-y. I don't know what world his campaign staffers are living in, but that slickster, politician look/attitude isn't really selling anymore. It just isn't. People are thirsting for REAL people. (This is why Bill Clinton was so successful. As much as I despise Bill, he comes off as a kind-of ornery every man.) 

Brownback simply doesn't have that quality, and I believe his campaign ads are a really bad effort at square-pegging him into a round hole. It's not going to work. 

Brownback's strength, well, I don't know what his strengths are. I am continually underwhelmed. Still, he's managed to get elected and elected and elected again, so he obviously has some. One strength is his ambition. It will take a person places, but this time Sam may need a little help crossing the finish line. (A Sept. 11 PPP poll showed a 4-point Paul Davis lead in the Governor's race.)

Hopefully, one of Brownback's (yet unproven) strengths is accepting advice from people outside his circle, because here goes:

Ad 1: Find a teacher, probably one from Johnson County, who can tell a personal narrative about how their classroom has improved thanks to Brownback's efforts. 

 Something like this: 

"In 2009, I had 40 kids in my XXX Elementary fourth-grade classroom. (Shots of teacher and some kids raising their hands in a bright colored, chaotic classroom.) Gov. Brownback signed legislation that increased K-12 education funding by $176 million. And my school was able to hire more teachers. There are 680 more of us in Kansas schools since Brownback was elected. And my class size has dropped from 40 students to 21. Thanks, Governor Brownback."

I'm Sam Brownback, and I approve this message.

I probably wouldn't even use Brownback in the ad, except for maybe a photo of him at the end. (A still. Do not show that wooden guy walking around and pretending to interact with elementary school students. DON'T.) To its credit, the Brownback campaign has one ad that shows a pastor from Leavenworth giving a list of reasons why he supports Brownback. It's close, but no cigar. The pastor finishes with: "I'm Tony and I'm a Brownbacker." (NO! NO! NO!)

Ad 2: Find a small business owner, one who started his or her business in the last few years.

"I was thinking about starting my (ag marketing/logistics planning/bio firm) business for years before I finally did it. Gov. Brownback's policies that lowered the tax burden and created a stable regulatory environment were the catalyst I needed to create NAME OF SMALL BUSINESS in (SOME GREAT KANSAS TOWN). Since Gov. Brownback took office Kansas has added 55,000 jobs to the state's economy. Ten of those jobs are in my office! Thanks, Gov. Brownback."

Paid for by Brownback/Colyer for Kansas. T.L. Anderson, Treasurer.

And again, Brownback in person, and/or his voice should be used SPARINGLY. 

Ad 3: A former student, who has completed a career and technical career education course. 

"When I graduated from high school last year. I was determined to start a career and go to school without getting buried in debt. Gov. Brownback's career and technical education initiatives helped pay my tuition to learn (HVAC/Plumbing/Auto mechanics) while I was still in high school. I graduated from XXXX High School with a certificate in WHATEVER and was able to start full-time work immediately. I'm making enough now that I can help fund courses at XXXX University while I continue to work. College wasn't in the cards without the certificate I earned while in high school. Thanks, Gov. Brownback."

I'm Sam Brownback and I approve this message.

You get the drift. Find actual people who have been helped by Brownback's policies and let them carry the message. That will resonate a lot better than Brownback with his top button undone sitting on a hay bale.

I'm Gidget Southway, and you're welcome, Brownback campaign.


  1. Gidget wrote: "Find actual people who have been helped by Brownback's policies and let them carry the message."

    Bahahahaha...good luck.

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