Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Democrat Drops Out, Endorses So-Called Republican

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Democrat Drops Out, Endorses So-Called Republican

A Democrat in Garden City dropped out of the Kansas Senate race yesterday, endorsing his so-called Republican opponent.

Zach Worf, a guy who has the good graces to call himself what he is, a Democrat, endorsed his opponent John Doll, a so-called Republican from Garden City, during a candidate forum.  Worf said Doll was "more prepared," after the candidates agreed with each on just about everything.

Seriously, dude, where's my party?

Doll said he supports Medicaid expansion. Both candidates want to open the wallets of Kansas citizens and launder the cash through the state to fund school administrator salaries. 

Doll is a former state representative who defeated Sen. Larry Powell in the August Republican primary.

I am going to once again beg someone, anyone to explain the difference between the people running as Kansas Democrats and the so-called mods running as Republicans throughout the state. 

Why even bother having elections anymore? Maybe we should just let Debbie Wasserman-Schultz choose state reps and state senators in Kansas? She's done such a bang up job choosing the Dems' candidate for President, and Republicans who are actually Republicans don't seem all that interested in candidates who are actually Republicans, so why not? 

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