Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Kansas Roads Get an A; Liberals Remain Stompy

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Kansas Roads Get an A; Liberals Remain Stompy

The caterwauling about Kansas roads is reaching epic proportions, and it makes absolutely no sense at all. As usual, Kansas roads are in peak condition, but because Gov. Sam Brownback exists, everyone has to make an issue of it.

Last week, the Kansas Department of Transportation issued a press release revealing that Kansas roads exceeded targets. The vast majority of Kansas roads are in "good" or "very good" condition. The state's performance target was 85 percent of roads meeting that standard. In 2016, 96.7 percent of interstates and 91.7 percent of state highways met the goal. And yet, the liberals scream. (By the way, those numbers of Kansas' road performance came from the feds. The numbers didn't come from the Brownback administration. They were just reporting the numbers given to them by the feds.)

Guys, I don't get it. I am doing my level best, but I've got nothing. The people who are saying Kansas roads are in deplorable condition apparently don't have driver's licenses, and seriously I'll have a little bit of whatever those people are smoking. 

I have a driver's license and a car, and I get behind the wheel almost every single day in Johnson County. You can't swing a gear stick without driving through orange barrels. There were times this summer when getting from point A to point B without sitting in a road construction induced traffic jam was impossible. Every.single.road.was.under.construction. Cruising Interstate 35 this summer was a special kind of torture.

I have a special request of everyone reading: Please, when you read the never ending stories about how Kansas is falling apart, stop and think if that's something you've witnessed with your very own eyes. When someone tells you we're not spending money on roads, ask yourself if that's true in your experience. Don't just take some so-called journalist's word for it, because I am telling you, that so-called journalist or editorialist bemoaning the state of Kansas' roads has an agenda, and if he is scribbling that the Kansas roadway system is in shambles, that agenda isn't truth.

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