Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Reporter Trips, Stumbles over Super Secret Poll

Friday, September 2, 2016

Reporter Trips, Stumbles over Super Secret Poll

The uncomfortable truth about politics is that it's revolting. Most of the people involved are complete squishes unconcerned about anything BUT maintaining power, positive cash flow, and getting the next political job. 

Exhibit A: A "secret" survey conducted by Kansas Senate leadership on behalf of Republican Senatorial candidates. Here's an example of questions on this poll: How much do you hate the Governor? Your neighbor earned $9 million last year. Meanwhile there are school children in Garden City who only received Ipad minis from the school district, while students in Johnson County students received full-size Ipads. Should your neighbor have to pay more in taxes so western kids don't starve to death in the streets?

How do I know the questions in this poll were questionable? Well, the Topeka Capitol-Journal doesn't have the only scribblers who trip and find confidential polling just laying around. This poll was leaked by the self-serving person who commissioned it. 

The poll, essentially funded by Senate President Susan Wagle, makes her look like a saint--called to save stoopid Kansans from themselves. 

Here's some information I'd be interested in having: At one time, Sen. Wagle was known as a conservative stalwart, a staunch fighter for smaller government, less bureaucracy, and life. Recently it appears the ONLY thing she cares about is maintaining a leadership role in the Senate and eventually attempting to take Congressman Mike Pompeo's seat when he runs for Governor. (Will he run? Word on the street is that he misses living in Kansas. He'll face opposition, should he decide to run, but he'll likely have an enormous war chest.)

Wagle, it appears, is a bit of a squish. She actively campaigned against conservatives during the primary so she could maintain her Senate leadership role. And now, she's actively working to oust the few remaining conservatives from the Senate. An example? Republicans in the Senate have a re-election fund used to assist vulnerable Republicans. Wagle, as sitting Senate President, gets a hefty say in how that money is used. Rumor has it Sens. Dennis Pyle, Steve Fitzgerald and Mary Pilcher-Cook will not receive one red cent of assistance from the fund. I hear they weren't supportive of Wagle's efforts for Senate leadership in the past. It appears Wagle may be  using her power and influence for a personal vendetta. Guys, that's exactly the WRONG kind of person we want in charge of anything at all. 

I'm really not trying to bash Wagle here. I don't know her. I used to admire her, and now I think she's a squish with no moral compass. I have very, very limited tolerance for that sort of behavior, because I don't understand it. 

My values are set. No amount of power or money or access is going to make me decide that babies don't have the right to live or that government should have all the money and give the peons an allowance. Government is terrible at just about everything it does, and I don't care who is in charge; Because they're politicians good at getting re-elected, they're going to suck at running things. And I say this about the pols I like as well. No offense, friends, but you suck at governing almost as much as your political foes. And if your goal is maintaining power and access instead of holding the line on the bloated bureaucracy or protecting innocents, then you're actually worse than many of your political foes. Many, many of your foes at least have an agenda beyond themselves. Their agenda is a horror, but at least it takes others into account. They want to rule us for our own good, and they want to make everyone complicit in their sins. 

Many polls are commissioned with the express purpose of propping up an idea or a candidate, and I think that was this poll's design. I make that assumption because the poll results were "leaked" to a reporter. 

I know more about this poll and the folks who leaked it than I can say here, but I'm pretty disgusted by the whole thing. It shouldn't be too much to hope that some of our elected officials act with a tiny bit of integrity, honesty, and loyalty. 

This poll is dishonest. Its results are questionable, and the story scribbled by the Journal is disingenuous. The questions used in the poll were leading, and the leak was self-serving.

Perception is reality most of the time, but it's breathtaking how these folks work so hard to skew actual reality and then use it to brow beat conservatives with it. 


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  2. Excellent post. Right on the money. And bear in mind that the people Susan Wagle hired to conduct this "poll" are associated with the effort to politically assassinate Congressman Tim Huelskamp by falsely tying him to Planned Parenthood -- as outrageous a lie and smear as I have witnessed in 30 years in Republican politics. Based on this article, it appears that Axiom Strategies' polling practices are as shady as their political tactics.

  3. And it seems it is even worse and widespread. In our 21rst House District in Prairie Village. Leawood, Mission Hills,Fairway etc. , Barbara Bollier, and her hand picked successor to her House seat, Dorothy Hughes carry on the deceptive, elitist practices of pretending to be someone they are not. Claiming to be Republican, they are female wolves in sheep's clothing. Also claiming to be a Doctor of medicine, Mrs. Bollier is not only a hypocrite to her oath as a Dr.; "I at first will do no harm", but a hypocrite to the Party she claims, and the constituents she represents. Not only a proponent of killing newborn and unborn life, she stood on my porch and admitted she is a leftist. If the citizens she represents knew her true colors, she would never be elected. She claims she does not know what the citizens in her District think because they never call her, how convenient for her to spread her leftist ways in the State Capitol. Relying solely on the wishes of her neighbors, in her wealthy Mission Hills neighborhood and her well known Progressive Liberal church, the rest of the Senate and House District citizens in NE Johnson County can go pound sand because they are not as wealthy, "intellectual" and privileged. The tactics, character and morals of her and those like Wagel march on in Topeka, while those who, like Mary Pilcher Cook and those targeted by leadership, are out actually seeking out their voters concerns, not waiting for them to call and then only represent those in their closed circle of supporters...............Tom Malone

  4. Absolutely no one running is more dangerous to the conservative cause right now then Barbara Bolier. There is something to be said about having a candidate who has decided to run for Kay's seat who is completely opposed to us on values. She isn't just a wolf in sheep's clothing, she doesn't even try to pretend to be a Republican. She's a Planned Parenthood endorsed and funded anti-Brownback campaigner. That's just the fact. She went to the chamber meeting and told them she can't wait to sit on the health committee in the majority.

    We are better up giving up that seat and getting it later than we are to put someone who we know will treat her district with this kind of disdain. Her hand picked successor went on KCUR and swore up and down about how pro-choice she is, that she had changed her viewpoint, and how important the issue was to her. Barbara went on Facebook and attacked Greg Smith during the primaries to support his opponent.

    Republicans asking me to vote for either of these two Democrats masquerading as fake Republicans can go pound sand.